The Best Easter Chocolate, As Decided By A Toddler

What's the best Easter chocolate? Let's ask a 3-year-old who hasn’t been allowed to eat that much candy!

The Best Easter Chocolate, As Decided By A Toddler 3:39

For our test we came up with an exacting scientific metric. My son Milo and I would show how much we liked the candy by the width of our hands, and then tabulate the results.

Our test soon broke down as Milo spread out his arms their fullest "this much!" width for every single brand we tried.

Rather than the fancier truffle eggs and even the standard big chocolate bunny, Milo got a much bigger kick out of things like the figurine-sized chocolate bunnies. So the winner for the both us was the Russell Stover Dip-It Rabbit for $3.99, which comes with its own little cup of Skippy peanut butter. I liked it for the full chocolate and peanut butter combo taste and he laughed at dipping the breakaway chocolate pieces in the gooey peanut butter.

Best Easter Chocolate Chart
Ben Popken / NBC News

So judged on its initial design, our test was somewhat of a failure. In that failure, though, there was a lesson. Adults might quibble over subtle tasting characteristics. But for kids, all Easter chocolate is awesome. The main difference is the creativity and fun factor, here measured as "giggles." Happy Easter!