Burger King Releases a ‘Black Burger’ in Japan

'McBrunch' and 'black burgers' 1:07

In a country renowned for its kooky culture and innovative food, it probably comes as no surprise that the Japanese Burger King menu might throw up a few surprises. But travelers journeying to Tokyo this September might be a little shocked to find out what is on offer. The Kuro Burger, with "kuro" meaning "black" in Japanese, will be available for a limited period in what the company describes as a chance to "overturn the fast food industry."

The bread is colored with bamboo charcoal and the ketchup – with onion and garlic in a soy sauce base - has squid ink added to it. Not to be outdone, the cheese slices also have bamboo charcoal and naturally the 115 gram beef patties are made with black pepper. Releasing images of the burger on its Facebook site, the new addition to the menu received a very mixed reception from fans of the U.S. fast food chain worldwide. One dubbed it the "goth burger." The offer is scheduled to end in early November.


-- CNBC's Matt Clinch