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Burger King's Whopperrito: Yes, It's Exactly What You Think It Is

When is a burger not a burger? When it’s swaddled in a soft flour tortilla.

When is a burger not a burger? When it’s swaddled in a soft flour tortilla.

A new menu item from Burger King has the internet sizzling after eagle-eyed epicureans spotted the Whopperrito in restaurants around Hermitage, Pennsylvania; Warren, Ohio, and select locations in Texas.

Taste testers have reported back to the internet that the hefty handheld hybrid includes all the elements of a Whopper (flame-grilled beef, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, ketchup, pickles, and diced onions) disassembled, spiced up, and reassembled in a more portable format.

Food site Eater called the concoction “a sign of the apocalypse,” and Mashable termed it a “monstrosity.”

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“Go home Burger King, you’re drunk,” wrote one Facebook commenter. “Why not just put it in a blender and make it a Whopper Shake?” snorted another. And, “How about just serving healthy food at a reasonable price?” was suggested more than once.

But the Whopperrati were quick to defend their new king, calling the product “amazing,” “flipping yummy” and “everything you ever wanted.”

Not everyone will be able to get their hands on the deconstructed delicacy, however.

"The Whopperrito is a regional product being sold by a franchisee on a local level," Burger King told NBC News in an email, adding that there are currently no plans for the Whopperrito to be “rolled” out nationwide.