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By Ben Popken

There are dozens of different ways to use your spare dental floss now that a new report says there's little evidence it's effective in plaque removal.

The New York Times found the internet full of suggestions for alternate uses for those spools of flat string you've been cramming in your gums for years. (Because you did always floss daily, just like the dentist said, right?)

Here's a veritable "dentist's office toy box" full of different ways to use floss other than (apparently) ineffectively removing plaque, although the American Dental Association still recommends it for preventing gum disease and removing debris from between your teeth.

Cut a Cake

Use dental floss instead of a knife. Grab a piece between each fist and use it to slice down and make precise cuts with little mess.

Mute a Dripping Faucet

Tie the floss around the faucet and drop it down the drain. The water will slide down the string instead of going "plonk plonk" and keeping you up all night.

Get a Tight Ring off Your Finger

Wrap the floss around your finger and thread one end through the ring. Give a firm, consistent pull and that ring you never thought would get past your knuckle is finally free.

Clean Your Keyboard

You can floss your keyboard to get rid of Cheetos debris and other particles that have gotten lodged under your keys.

Improvise Shelter

One of the 20 different dental floss tricks covered in this survivalist video is using it to bind limbs together for an improvised shelter. Just put two logs at cross angles and bind them together with the floss. Now that dental floss has been called into question and thus the apocalypse is near, you may need one of these.