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Dos Equis Retires 'Most Interesting Man in the World' to Mars

The Most Interesting Man in the World is leaving the planet for good.
Final 'Most Interesting Man in the World\" Des Equis commercial
A screengrab from the final 'Most Interesting Man in the World" commercial for Des Equis with the campaign's current actor.Dos Equis

"The Most Interesting Man in the World" is leaving the planet for good. Dos Equis announced they're retiring their popular ad campaign character after nine years.

The bearded adventurer and bon vivant delighted viewers with his portrayal of a man who had drunk deeply from life and invited you in for a sip. He rescued baby egrets, flew the space shuttle, and played golf with natives on the Savannah. His prowess was legendary: the Most Interesting Man in the World was said to have parallel parked a train and be able to slam a revolving door. He commanded so much respect that the contents of his tacos refused to fall from their shells.

And though he didn't always drink beer, when he did, encircled by at least two beautiful women, he preferred Dos Equis.

In a final installment of the campaign, the beer company sends the Most Interesting Man character off on a one-way rocket to Mars along with his blond female co-pilot.

But his story will live on, told with a fresh face. In an interview with Ad Age, executives from Dos Equis' parent company said the campaign would continue with a new actor, and that they wanted make it feel more "contemporary." They're not revealing details, but that could mean a younger actor.

That's interesting, because part of the campaign's charm was that it featured an older actor, breaking with the norm for beer ads. Initially, age almost kept the actor, 77-year-old Jonathan Goldsmith, from getting the part, as NPR reported in a profile last year:

"Barbara received a call from Joe Blake, the casting director. He told Barbara that they loved Goldsmith's performance, but they felt like they had to go younger."'And in her infinite wisdom, she took a long pause and she said, "Joe, how can the most interesting man in the world be young?"' Goldsmith says. 'He said, "I'll get back to you." '"Soon after, the casting director called back. He got the part."

Stay thirsty, my friends.