HSBC Rolling Out Voice, Fingerprint ‘Passwords’ in U.K.

The future is here, at least for HSBC customers in the United Kingdom.

The bank on Friday announced a rollout of voice and fingerprint-enabled account access, and said it plans to bring the technology to the United States later this year.

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HSBC said in a release that 15 million customers in the U.K. will be able to access their accounts with these new tools by the summer. The technology is being rolled out first to customers of HSBC’s online bank First Direct, then to HSBC account holders.

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The company touted the method as “simpler and more secure” than conventional password or PIN-based authentication, saying it would make accessing and managing accounts more convenient.

“Remembering the right password and PIN is challenging and customers get frustrated when they fail the security process and have to reset their details,” Warren Buckley, global head of contact centers, retail banking and wealth management for HSBC, said in a statement.

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Buckley said the voice function is sophisticated enough to work even if someone’s voice is raspy or congested, or even if they speak a different language, saying that the biometric software relies on more than 100 unique vocal hallmarks. Fingerprint access will be available for customers who use the bank’s mobile app on Apple products that include its Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

In addition to the U.S., HSBC also is introducing the technology in Hong Kong, Mexico, Canada and France.