AT&T Refunds $88 Million for Bogus Mobile Charges

AT&T to Refund Customers $80 Million for Bogus Charges 1:38

If you had bogus charges after love tips, horoscopes, and "fun facts" appeared on your AT&T wireless bill, your share of an $88 million settlement could be coming your way.

It's all thanks to your friends at the Federal Trade Commission, who announced Thursday a settlement with communications giant AT&T over a massive "cramming" scheme. The company allegedly placed unauthorized charges on customers' phone bills initiated by two third-party companies, Tatto and Acquinity, often for $9.99 per month.

The FTC alleged AT&T kept at least 35 percent of these fees.

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To get your money, do nothing. The time has already passed to apply for a refund.

But if you're one of the about 2.7 million who did apply and your claim was verified, you should automatically get a credit on your bill or have a check sent out in the next 75 days. The average refund amount is $31.