Victoria’s Secret 0, Pink 1 in Brand Court Case

Not that any self-respecting British banker would be confounded, but a U.K. haberdasher has won a court case over whether consumers could confuse lingerie vs. French cuffs. Thomas Pink, which has a U.K. chain of stores (and some in the U.S.), launched legal proceedings against Victoria's Secret last year after the underwear company opened a shop in London's famous Bond Street. Victoria's Secret had normally sold its PINK clothing line - which consists of loungewear and lingerie aimed at a younger audience – within its main stores. But the company opened a standalone shop with the PINK on the front. Thomas Pink argued that this infringed its trademark and judge Colin Briss agreed, suggesting that shoppers could get confused between the brands. "Consumers are likely to enter one of the claimant's shops looking for lingerie and be surprised and disappointed when they find they have made a mistake," Briss' written judgement said. Victoria's Secret was not available for comment.



-- Arjun Kharpal, CNBC