French fast-food chain offers ‘Star Wars’ burgers

The black bun gets its hue from vegetable-based food coloring. Quick

French fans of "Star Wars" will soon be able to show their preference for either the noble Jedi or Darth Vader's dark side simply by ordering a burger.

Quick, a European fast-food chain that's similar to McDonald's, is rolling out a promotion from Jan. 31-March 5, tying in to the Feb. 8 release of "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace" in 3-D.

First, diners can choose between a Darth Maul-supported Dark Burger (made hot with a pepper-sprinkled bun, pepper sauce and pepper cheese) and a Yoda-supported Jedi Burger (topped with Mozzarella cheese and spicy mustard).

But the real blockbuster comes only from March 2-5, when Quick diners can order the "Dark Vador" (their spelling) burger, which features a bun dyed as black as Vader's heart (the chain says it uses a "vegetable coloring agent" to get the black bun). Quick is calling this the "first black coloured burger ever created." Red pepper slices and cheese top the burger patty.

That's Mozzarella cheese on the Jedi burger. Looks like marshmallows to us. Quick

The chain will also offer fried cheese snacks shaped like stars and a special ice-cream treat, as well as Amidala and Anakin toys.

It's not the first time Quick has served up creative burgers. In 2011, the chain offered a burger called "Le Double Mix," which featured a split bun and used different sauces on the burger's two halves.

Sadly for American "Star Wars" fans, none of the chain's 495 restaurants are on our side of the pond. These are not the burgers we're looking for.

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