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Dow at 17,000: Will the Bulls Keep Charging?

CNBC's Jim Cramer believes the market can keep climbing now that the Dow has hit 17,000 points. Here's why he thinks so.
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With the Dow hitting a major milestone of 17,000, if you're not fully invested in the market already, have you missed the bull run? "The knee-jerk reaction is to think it's too late," says Jim Cramer. And at first it may feel that way. Closely watched levels such as Dow 17,000 can generate psychological resistance, if nothing else. And although the blue chip average may slip once it crosses that threshold, Cramer does not think 17,000 is necessarily the end of the line. In fact, he can see the Dow going much higher. "Five stocks have done the most to propel the Dow from 16,000; Caterpillar, Disney, Intel, Merck and Cisco. I see many reasons to believe all of them could keep on climbing," Cramer said. Following are the specifics for each individual Dow component.

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We apologize, this video has expired.