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Exploding diapers take prize in contest for worst ad

A TV commercial featuring diaper-filling babies took the top prize for "Worst Ad in America" in an annual contest sponsored by The Consumerist.

More than 115,000 of the website's readers cast votes in the contest, with the Luvs diaper commerical the clear winner, garnering 32 percent of the votes.

The advertisement features three grimacing cartoon babies who are part of a so-called “Heavy Dooty Championship,” set to the Tag Team’s 1990s hit “Whoomp There It Is.” The babies appear in succession on a stage, only to turn their backsides toward a panel of judges and have their diapers balloon to become supersized, evidently filling them with, um…dooty. (The Consumerist jokingly refers to the ad as “Poop, there it is.”)

The judges hold up numerical ratings signs in response to each baby’s ever-expanding diaper, and the third baby, whose diaper explodes to become the largest, is given the highest mark. The voiceover explains that “What happens in diapers should stay in diapers.”

Luvs did not immediately respond to a call for comment about the contest achievement.

An advertisement for AT&T wireless service featuring a henpecked husband took second place in the survey, with 24 percent of the vote.

In the spot, a man named Steve excitedly tells his wife, who is gardening in a greenhouse, that he has signed up the whole family  for an unlimited messaging plan, after which she berates him for doing something so expensive without asking her. Then, she even lets it slip that she should have married some other guy named John Clark, whence we find out from poor Steve that the unlimited messaging plan was actually free.

In third place, with 18 percent of the vote, was an advertisement for Summer’s Eve, whose commercial for feminine wash implies that wars have been fought and lives lost over women’s nether regions, and so ladies had better lather up.

AT&T fared particularly poorly (or well, depending on one’s perspective) in The Consumerist’s contest, with a total of three ads placing across various categories. Its ad for the Samsung Infuse mobile phone, which runs on AT&T’s 4G wireless service, took fourth place in the “worst ad” category, capturing 14 percent of the vote.

And AT&T’s “flash mob” commercial, in which a man mistakenly participates in an embarrassing display of dancing at New York City’s Grand Central Station because he didn’t get the message that the flash mob was postponed, took first place in the “most grating performance by a human” category. Of course, that might have been the intention of the commercial.