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Microsoft readies first new logo in a quarter century

As it gets ready for the big reveal of its new touchscreen-friendly OS, Windows 8, Microsoft is rolling out a new accessory to its flagship platform: a new logo — the first in 25 years.

“Now is the perfect time for a change,” the company’s general manager of brand strategy Jeff Hansen said in a blog post on Thursday. This is the fifth logo Microsoft has had since the company’s inception in 1975.

The new version, which will be used in the company’s upcoming marketing for Windows 8, replaces blocky, italicized lettering with Microsoft’s softer, rounder Segoe font in a lighter color. In a nod to earlier Windows logos, the company name is preceded by four multicolored blocks that form a square. “The symbol’s squares of color are intended to express the company’s diverse portfolio of products,” Hansen said. The logo for Windows 8, though, is monochrome.

A reader poll on the Seattle Times website seemed to show a positive reception to the new logo, with around 40 percent of roughly 5,000 votes preferring the new logo over any of the older four.