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What You Simply Must Buy After You Win the Powerball Jackpot

You’ve just won the Powerball jackpot, so it's time for conspicuous spending. We're here to help with our list of exorbitant potential purchases.
The EleMMent Palazzo RV has features befitting its $3 million price tag.
The EleMMent Palazzo RV has features befitting its $3 million price tag.Marchi Mobile

Congratulations, you’ve just won America’s largest lottery prize – the $1.5 billion and climbing Powerball jackpot!

Now, once you’ve lawyered and advisered up and come out of hiding, it’s time to get spending. But forget the private Beyoncé concerts and French truffles, you’re now worth hundreds of millions of dollars and can afford to think big.

To get an idea of what you might want to consider buying, we used this informative CNBC piece to get the base after-taxes figure of $394 million and increased it by 7.14 percent when the estimated jackpot payoff jumped on Tuesday. That leaves you with approximately $422 million to play with. Let the conspicuous consumption begin!

Here are some necessary purchases to consider:

A soccer team

Price: $349 million

Newcastle United celebrates after scoring a goal against Liverpool at St James' Park in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, north east England, on Dec.r 6.OLI SCARFF / AFP - Getty Images file

You won’t get Real Madrid, which is currently valued at $3.26 billion, but how about Newcastle United? Based in gritty northern England, this historic Premier League soccer club is rumored to be for sale, and you’d even get newly signed star player Henri Seivet as part of the deal.

The ultimate bachelor pad

Price: $200 million

The legendary 29-room Playboy Mansion just went on the market! It comes with a zoo license, 5 acres of land, and even Hef himself, since a stipulation of the sale is that he continue to live in the house. Perhaps he can show you around the grotto.

A view of the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles on Feb. 10, 2011. Fred Prouser / Reuters, file

The world’s most expensive RV

Price: $3 million

This mobile mini-mansion features a roof deck and exterior staircase, radiant floor heating, a spa, and beds fit for a queen (literally – they are made by the same company that supplies beds to the British royal family).

The EleMMent Palazzo RV has features befitting its $3 million price tag.Marchi Mobile

An 18-carat-gold bra

Price: $2 million

The 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra (and matching panties) are adorned with 6,500 precious gems, including sapphires, topaz and 126 diamonds.

Model Lily Aldridge walks the runway wearing the $2 million 2015 Fireworks Fantasy Bra during the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the Lexington Armory on Nov. 10, 2015, in New York.Evan Agostini / AP

A doomsday bunker

Price: $2 million

What good is money if you aren’t alive to spend it. This nuclear-blast-proof subterranean palace beneath a top-secret limestone mountain in Germany includes a swimming pool, wine cellar and screening room; plus access to a private hospital, zoo, hair salon and restaurant area.

Swimming pool with waterfalls

Price: $2 million

What almost-a-billionaire’s home comes without a lazy river, scuba pool, and five-waterfall complex with full kitchen and spa?? Consider something like this to keep yourself busy in the summer months.

Your own emergency room

Price: $1 million

Why wait for hours with regular people after you hurt your leg sky diving (or jumping off your backyard waterfall)? Simply add an emergency room to your own home. If Tom Cruise can have an ultrasound machine, you can definitely have a fully equipped ER. Throw in an extra million for an attentive staff.

The world’s most expensive office chair

Price: $1.5 million

You won’t ever need to work again, but you might want to check your bank balance once in a while. You can do that while enjoying this exclusive chair from the same people who designed the interior of your Maserati. Made of fabric used by Olympic athletes, the chair provides “synchronized oscillation” to ensure “reduced posture fatigue.”

A floating bed

Price: $1.3 million

A matching set of super-strong magnets built into the bed and floor enable this “air mattress” to literally float in midair. Just remember to take off your rings before you lie down.

The world’s most expensive ice cream sundae

Price: $1,000

A Golden Opulence Sundae, ready to be tasted on May 08, 2012 in New York City. Laurentiu Garofeanu / Barcroft Media via Getty Images file

The Golden Opulence Sundae from Serendipity 3 in New York City is brought to you in a Baccarat crystal goblet (that you may keep) filled with Tahitian vanilla ice cream, rare Venezuelan chocolate, a 23-carat edible gold leaf, and topped with sweet caviar. Just remember to call in advance – it requires 48 hours notice. A small indulgence after your sweet, sweet lottery win.