This Could Be the World’s Most Expensive Apartment

Will this be the world's most expensive apartment?
Will this be the world's most expensive apartment? Tour Odeon Monaco

The tiny principality of Monaco, nestled on the French Riviera, is best known as a playground of the rich and famous. But it could soon garner a reputation for more than its glamourous Grand Prix and numerous casinos. It's now home to what could become the world's most expensive apartment: the 3,300-square-meter, quintuplex "Sky Penthouse" in the soon-to-be-completed Odeon Tower. Developed by Groupe Marzocco – a luxury real estate company – the double skyscraper of 70 apartments will tower over the principality at 170 meters high.

It promises future residents the "five-star experience" with a 24/7 concierge, an entertainment area (with private movie room and lounge ) and a "wellness centre", including a gym, sauna, private spas and a selection of pools. Spread over five floors, the penthouse property will include, among other things, a kitchen on each floor, five bedrooms, a living-room, dining-room, private home-cinema, sauna and a swimming pool – which is also accessible via a slide. Scheduled to be completed in September 2015, the Marzocco family is expected to put it on the market for around $400 million, potentially making it the world's most expensive apartment.

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— CNBC's Alice Tidey