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Listing of the Week: Secret Tunnels, Stone Mill

<p>This St. Johnsville, N.Y., property is a remodeled former mill that preserves much of its heritage.</p>
Former stone mill
The wood floors of the stone mill, covered with nicks and grooves from former mill workers, were preserved. This St. Johnsville, N.Y., property is for sale for $1 million.Mike Franklin / Zillow

St. Johnsville, N.Y.

For sale: $1 million

When Ron Hezel was a kid, he loved the Hardy Boys books.

“I loved that there was always tunnels and secret places,” he said. “My wife loves stone and waterfalls.”

And when they were searching for a home in which to retire, they found a place that happened to have both. Perched along waterfalls on the Mohawk River inlet Timmerman Creek is a mill that Ron and Jan Hezel bought and transformed into their home. Not only is the mill built out of stone — hitting upon Jan’s request — but it also has several secret tunnels from its days on the Underground Railroad. The circa 1830 stone mill was family-owned and operational until the 1930s. The Hezels took on the arduous project of reviving and transforming the property, preserving its history, including the nicks and grooves on the floor from former mill workers.

A more in-depth history of the mill is here. Sherry Comstock of Van Billings Real Estate holds the listing.

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