Sharp flavor: Woman says she found blade in Whopper

Hold the razor blade.
Hold the razor blade. Gene J. Puskar / AP

A California woman claims she got a sharper flavor than she bargained for at a Burger King in Willits, Calif.

Yolanda Orozco said she was checking her sandwich for onions when she found a razor blade between the meat and the cheese.

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"I was in shock," she told News10 ABC.

Police who went to the Willits Burger King she visited found razor blades in various areas, since employees use them for cleaning. They determined it was an accident, News10/KXTV reported.

"Food safety is a top priority for Burger King restaurants globally. Burger King Corp.'s strict food handling procedures clearly outline that razor blades are not permitted in or near food preparation areas at any time," a Burger King spokesman said in a prepared statement.

"While this appears to be an isolated incident, BKC takes this matter seriously and is working with the franchisee, who independently owns and operates this restaurant, to reinforce our food preparation procedures and retrain staff. The franchisee is cooperating with local authorities."

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This isn't the first time customers at fast food restaurants said they have received more than they paid for with their orders.

But there have also been times when fast food companies have been the victims of hoaxes.

In 2005, a Wendy's customer named Anna Ayala claimed she found a finger in her chili. But investigators found that the finger actually belonged to a man who lost it in an accident and gave it to the husband of Ayala, who then tried to scam Wendy's. She spent four years in prison.

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As for the Willits Burger King incident, maybe the razor blade will at least shave some of the fast food calories away.

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