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American Air to Charge for Solo Kids up to 14

American Airlines announced it was extending the age range for which it charges a $150 unaccompanied minor fee.

Flying by yourself as a kid can be exciting, lonely, and now, it's just gotten $300 more expensive for some. American Airlines announced it was expanding the age range for its unaccompanied minor fee. Starting Sept. 3, kids age 5 to 14 flying solo will incur a $150 surcharge, both ways. Currently the fee applies to kids age 5 to 11. The airline said the fee extension will allow it to ensure the safest possible travel for youths. It also matches the policy of US Airways, with which it merged in December. The fee is among the highest the industry but the fee itself is common at other carriers. At United it's $150 for minors 5 to 11. Delta charges $100 for kids 5 to 14. At Southwest, it's $50 for ages 5 to 11.

- The Associated Press and NBC News Staff