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Delta flight with stuck flaps makes unscheduled landing

A Delta Air Lines flight from Paris to Detroit was diverted to Amsterdam after its flaps were stuck and unable to retract after takeoff.

"As a precaution, the crew diverted the aircraft," said airline spokeswoman Lindsay McDuff.

Flight 99 carrying 298 passengers and 11 crew landed safely and taxied to the gate. Ground crews are inspecting the plane and the passengers are being re-routed.

"We will work to re-accommodate our customers as safely and quickly as possible," McDuff said.

After taking off from Paris, the Airbuss 330 twin-jet circled London several times before heading for the unscheduled landing in Amsterdam.

During takeoff and landing, flaps are extended from the wings to expand the surface and give it greater lift at slower speeds. During flight they're retracted as they increase drag and reduce air speed.