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Germany's Lufthansa Offers In-Flight Meals for Home Delivery

In-flight fine dining may sound like an oxymoron, but one airline bets its meals are tasty enough that customers will eat them when not flying.

MAINZ, Germany - In-flight fine dining may sound like an oxymoron to some, but Lufthansa is betting its meals are tasty enough that customers will want to eat them even when they aren't flying. The German airline has teamed up with an online supermarket to offer business class-fare for home delivery every Wednesday. The meals only need to be reheated. According to Max Thinius, a spokesman for supermarket, "a lot" of frequent fliers have already signed up for the service, although he did not say how many.

"Our customers on some days don’t want to cook, but also don’t want to use convenience products, so we approached Lufthansa to find a solution," Thinius said. This week's menu includes shin of beef, Chinese style, or Shak Navratan Indian vegetables. The meat option costs nearly $13 per meal, including delivery, while the vegetarian one is about $11.50. The initial pilot runs for eight weeks, but Thinius said there’s a good chance the firm will continue testing the product in the months ahead.

Beef filet steak and caramelized onion sauce, one of the meals on offer to fans of Lufthansa's in-flight food.Air Food One


- Carlo Angerer