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Southwest hikes almost a third of its fares by $5

Southwest Airlines hiked some domestic one-way fares by $5 on Friday, according to the website

The Dallas-based airline raised prices on routes less than 500 miles, which make up 30 percent of its system. Delta Air Lines tried increasing prices by up to $10 per round trip on Monday, but that failed. In that attempt, Delta targeted fares more likely to be purchased by business travelers, said CEO Rick Seaney in a statement.

"It is rare for any type of hike where Southwest participates to fail," Seaney said.

Seaney expects other airlines to match Southwest's move "relatively quickly" heading into the weekend.

So far in 2012, domestic airlines have tried to raise domestic prices eight times — four of which were successful.

Seaney said that airlines seem "skittish" about broad-based increases and instead are now "targeting specific segments of the flying public."

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