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Sticky situation: Superglue lands in woman's hair on United flight

A United passenger did not expect to get a haircut on board her June 14 flight from San Diego to Houston, but that's exactly what happened after an airline employee's snafu involving superglue.

A maintenance worker was gluing a piece of plastic on the overhead bin above Karen Reed who was seated on her flight, according to a report from KPRC in Houston.

The worker asked Reed to stand up, but he dripped some of the glue on her head and hands, she said.

"When the flight attendant said 'hey you got superglue in her hair,' he totally ignored the comment, wouldn't look at me, wouldn't make any comment and replaced the seat cushion and walked out," Reed told KPRC.

Reed had to cut large chunks of her hair and filed complaints with the airline and the Department of Transportation, according to KPRC.

"There's three clumps of super glue where it had to come out because it just wasn't coming out," she said.

Contacted by KPRC, a United Airlines representative said: "We are reaching out to Ms. Reed to apologize and offer compensation as an appreciation of her business."

Reed told KPRC that she is not sure whether she'll fly United in the future.

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