White Collar Brawlers’ puts dueling co-workers in boxing ring

Image: White Collar Brawlers
Andrew Devine, left, and Ryan Sainsott get bloodied up in the ring on "White Collar Brawlers." Walter Looss / Esquire Network

Ever want to deck a co-worker you're not particularly fond of? Twelve people are going to get to do just that on Esquire Network's new show, "White Collar Brawlers."

The six-part series, which premieres Tuesday night, will follow dueling colleagues as they train with amateur boxing coaches in Brooklyn, NY, and Pittsburgh for six weeks before they duke it out for three rounds in a ring.

The series' first episode features financial planners Andrew Devine and Ryan Sainsott, who used to be friends and roommates. But as can happen with relationships, the two had a falling out after a dispute over thousands of dollars. Working in the same office didn't make things any better. And it had both men working really hard to ensure a win.

"Training this hard for this event has been one of the most difficult things I've ever had to endure," Sainsott says in a clip from the episode. "I've never been so disciplined."

Just like in pro boxing matches, things will sometimes get bloody on "White Collar Brawlers." In an advance look at episode one, Devine winds up with a bloody nose during a practice round.

"Once he got that bloody nose, he started ... doing everything like he was supposed to," laughed his trainer. "Maybe that's what I should've done before, I should've punched him in his nose and made him bleed!"

Judging by the photo that Esquire has released, things are going to get even bloodier when Devine and Sainsott finally meet in the ring. But there is an upside to the violence.

It turns out that the training these men endure sometimes has an additional benefit. In the case of Sainsott, it has improved his work.

"This experience has made Ryan more focused," one manager says in the clip. "He's been able to turn all his work in on time now at the highest level. ... This experience has definitely helped him out from a work perspective."

"White Collar Brawlers" airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on Esquire.