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5 Killer Ways to Stay Focused During Your Company's Rapid Growth

Here are 5 ways to keep your eye on the prize and stay focused at work.
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Today it’s not unusual to read about a multi-million dollar business that was created at the kitchen table. Some of the fastest growing companies started small and are now on a fast track to going global. For many entrepreneurs, however, that kind of impressive business growth can feel a bit overwhelming. A business owner who is used to being elbow deep in the details of his or her company can sometimes have a hard time relinquishing the reins.

Fortunately, even the biggest micro-managers can improve their employee management approach with a little focus and flexibility. Here are 5 ways to stay focused on the big picture.

Schedule Time to Think

If you are going to make any impactful change, you have to commit to it on a regular basis. Schedule time to think and keep that appointment. Think beyond the nuts and bolts of business development and give yourself the space to be creative. It's easy to lose your creativity when you're focused on the day to day.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

When running a business, technology can be your best friend. Look for tools that can make your life easier. Do some research online and ask for referrals from friends. Automate everything you can, and look for new ways to track your progress.

While your tech transition may feel overwhelming, it will ultimately free up time for you to concentrate on more important things.

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Make Sure Your Employees Get Ample Training

You will never be able to focus on the big picture if you're constantly being called in to put out fires. Empower your staff with whatever they need to make decisions without you. Then trust them to do their jobs well.

Pretend to Bootstrap Your Business

Even if things are going well, pretend to be a cash-strapped startup for an afternoon. The exercise could help you achieve laser-like focus on the most efficient next steps. Think back to the days when your company was a lean mean productive machine. Draw inspiration from the ways that you were able to work through problems in the past.

Reconsider Your Network

If you feel like you've been operating your business as usual, you may want to consider shaking up your network. Actively seek out relationships with people who are different from you and who will challenge you to think in new ways.