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Establishing an Online Presence for Your Business

Establishing a web presence for your business is crucial today. Not only do you want to rank, you need to rank on page one for your targeted terms.
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Establishing an online presence for your business is crucial in today's world. But you can't simply create a website, whip up some content, and then sit back expecting to get ranked in the search engines.

Not only do you want to rank, you need to rank on page one for your targeted terms. Out of the millions of pages that come up for each search query, only one of them matters. And that's number one.

To that end, there are three common mistakes to avoid. Making these mistakes can have catastrophic consequences, and can potentially get your site penalized, or even dropped from Google altogether.

The Gut Check Mistake

Target the wrong keywords and all your SEO efforts will be in vain. Don't rely on your gut when picking which keywords to target — use keyword research tools. Choosing which keywords to target requires knowing their popularity, and it's often counterintuitive which synonyms and variants get the most search volume. Brainstorm keywords using and, and use the top tool in the industry, Moz Keyword Explorer, for keyword research.

The Broken Record Mistake

While you need to include your targeted keywords in your title tag (which is the most important spot), headings, and body copy, you should never go overboard and stuff your page full of repetitive keywords. This tactic is against Google's guidelines, and it can get your site penalized.

The Blue Light Special Mistake

Having inbound links pointing to your site is fundamental to ranking well in Google, but the secret is quality, not quantity. Buying a bunch of low-quality links for cheap is another surefire way to harm your SEO and get penalized by Google. Focus on only acquiring links from authoritative sites with a high Majestic Trust Flow score.

Chloe Spencer is a 26-year-old internet entrepreneur and SEO specialist who started her first online business at 14 years old. Today she runs an SEO consulting company, working with clients around the world to improve their search engine rankings, build their traffic and increase their sales. Chloe is also a professional speaker, and has presented at over a dozen conferences since she was 16 years old.