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Finery: How Brooklyn Decker & Whitney Casey upgrade your closet

I’m all about productivity, especially as a new mom, and anything that gives me time to do the things I want to do, I am a fan of
FINERY Press Event : Hosted by Brooklyn Decker & Whitney Casey
Whitney Casey, Brooklyn DeckerCollins Nai/

Brooklyn Decker and Whitney Casey have taken their free desktop wardrobe service, Finery, to the app store. The service, which launched last year, allows you to digitize your closet, manage your wardrobe, browse through style inspiration and create your own looks through the app with the help of online stylists.

Former news anchor Whitney Casey approached Decker with the idea for the digital wardrobe. The Sports Illustrated model was excited to invest in and build something that could change the way women interact with their wardrobe.

“I’m all about productivity, especially as a new mom, and anything that gives me time to do the things I want to do, I am a fan of,” Decker said.

The idea of the service was the easy part for the two women who fall into the daily struggle of what-do-I-wear-today? However, naming the app had stumped them since they knew they wanted something attention grabbing that would speak to their chic and fashionable service.

Casey recalled working with journalist Dan Rather, who she said had an old school formality to him.

“I worked with Dan for a long time and he would always say to people when they looked nice, ‘Oh aren’t you dressed in your finery today?’ I brought it up to Brooklyn and we both decided it was the perfect name,” Casey said.

Originally, Finery was just a digital catalog of your wardrobe and accessories. The site used your email to track online purchases and pull them into your closet, and you could upload pictures of anything bought in store. However, users started expressing that once they had everything uploaded, they wanted stylizing help and inspiration.

“We thought the big aha! moment would come when you saw your wardrobe. To be able to think ‘oh my goodness I purchased this 10 years ago, I haven’t seen it in years I forgot it was sitting in my closet’. But once we had the wardrobe, our users said ‘Ok great now what? We want you to style us, we want you to tell us what to buy and what to get rid of’,” Decker said.

The two set out to find ways to do exactly that. Casey and Decker began using new technology such as image recognition to give women ideas on how to wear their stuff.

“This tech has been applied to other fields, just never to the wardrobe, and I think it took females to create it,” the new mother said.

With the little technology currently applied to the pain points of women, the duo wanted to make headway and focus on making something efficient that would give you your time back.

The app allows you to create your own “inspo feed”, which incorporates your favorite brands, designers, style icons and stores. Based on your fashion interests, Finery generates outfits for you created from what is already in your wardrobe. The app considers things like the daily weather and seasons and can suggest purchases you might want to make in the future. It is completely categorized, designed to look like your personal shopping site.

“I think if you look at the entire business model, we really want to own all of the space and close the retail loop. When you start, you want to see everything you have in your closet. Then you want to really get smart recommendations and fill your wardrobe gaps,” Casey said.

The two creators hope that when women think about getting dressed, or planning an outfit for a big event or night out, Finery is the place they will trust.