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Five Easy Ways to Ramp up Repeat Business

Customer loyalty is in crisis. Entrepreneurs need to make a special effort to retain their best clients. Here's how you can increase your repeat business.
How to increase repeat business
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An entrepreneur’s job is rarely ever done after closing a sale. Entrepreneurs must constantly be thinking of new ways to not only attract new customers, but also to inspire existing customers to return.

Selling new products to existing customers is generally cheaper and easier than getting new customers to buy something. You’ve already paid your initial customer acquisition costs, and you’ve already built trust with your consumers and addressed their concerns.

So, here are five pain free ways to increase your repeat business.

Get to know your customers

Send them a special offer on meaningful days like birthdays. Send them notes on the anniversary of their first purchase with you. Get to know their preferences based on their purchases so that you can suggest particular products or content to them. Avoid lengthy cards or scripted conversations, which can dilute the impact of the gesture. Instead, focus on building a relationship with your customer and protecting the trust that they’ve bestowed in you.

Be a source of useful information

You already know that traditional marketing methods are far less effective than they used to be. The evolution of the internet and other digital tools has made it easier for people to get the information they want or need without the traditional ads they don’t want. That being said, newsletters can be a great way to send your clients relevant articles, how-to's and tools to keep them informed about your industry and the ways that you can help.

Brag a little bit

Consumers flock to popular products. So if people love your brand, don't keep that to yourself. Use that social proof to your advantage. If it’s appropriate, reach out to the media to see if they would be interested in running a story about what you do. Use social media to show how people are using your products. Publish consumer testimonials on your website.

Over deliver

There’s nothing better than paying a fair price for a quality product and then having it arrive earlier than expected. Ship your products out as soon as possible. Make customer service a priority.

Remember: A little surprise can go a long way to instilling loyalty. So, throw a little something more into each order if you can.

Reward loyalty

Consumer brand loyalty is in crisis. As the way people live, work, and shop evolves to adapt with new technologies and attitudes, even some of the world’s biggest companies are struggling to remain relevant.

So, give your best customers special deals, points, and discounts on your new products and help them to save on their old favorites in order to incentivize them to come back for more.