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Anare Holmes

June 8

FEARLESS FIREFIGHTER: The Atlanta firefighter is dedicated to saving lives and building community.

PRIDE MEANS: "Pride is a semblance of the courage that it took for people to stand up for themselves. All of it stems from the nightclub brawls that trans women were fighting in New York City on Christopher Street."

Debra Fowler

June 28

HISTORY KEEPER: A former teacher and military veteran, Fowler is now focused on bringing LGBTQ history to K-12 classrooms.

TESTIMONIAL: Debra Fowler was nominated for NBC Out's #Pride30 list by trans advocate and model Carmen Carrera, who praised Fowler and her organization for educating teachers and students about LGBTQ history.

Dustin Rader

June 24

THE ROLE MODEL: Transgender high school teacher Dustin Rader wants to be the role model he never had.

PRIDE MEANS: "Loving yourself and extending that love to others. If you love yourself — and I don't mean just being selfish, I mean really loving and caring for yourself — you become happier, and (this is going to be cliche) happiness is contagious. That's why Pride parades are so exuberant. It's people loving themselves and sharing that love with others."

Bruce Cohen

June 16

AWARD-WINNING PRODUCER: The Oscar-winning producer of "American Beauty" was most recently one of the executive producers behind ABC's LGBTQ miniseries, "When We Rise."

TESTIMONIAL: Bruce Cohen was nominated for NBC Out's #Pride30 list by singer Melissa Etheridge, who said Cohen is an "amazing person" and credited him with inspiring her to come out publicly. "He has taken his fire inside about his desire for equality, and he's created art with it, which is one of the greatest ways to change our society," Etheridge added.

Ebonee Weathers

June 13

SUPER TEACHER: Two-time San Diego teacher of the year Ebonee Weathers wants her students to have the support she lacked while a student.

PRIDE MEANS: "Pride means valuing who and what you are and not being afraid of it and sharing it with the world."

Aidan DeStefano

June 12

STUDENT ADVOCATE: DeStefano is fighting for the rights of transgender students, like himself, to use facilities that correspond with their gender identities.

PRIDE MEANS: "Expressing yourself to the fullest and loving yourself no matter what people think."

Jenny Miller

June 11

TWO SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHER: Indigenous queer photographer Jenny Miller is shining a spotlight on Alaska's LGBTQ and Two Spirit communities.

FUN FACT: "When I was eight years old, I learned how to ride my first dirt bike."

Rev. Neil Cazares-Thomas

June 10

PASSIONATE PASTOR: Rev. Cazares-Thomas is helping members of his congregation come to terms with their identity and their faith.

PRIDE MEANS: "A sense of purpose, a sense of commitment, a sense of achievement and paying it forward. A sense of feeling secure enough about myself. That I have nothing to fear from someone else's judgment or success."

Fran Dunaway

June 9

INNOVATIVE ENTREPRENEUR: Dunaway's company makes body positive underwear for women regardless of where they fall on the gender spectrum.

FUN FACT: "Before I became an entrepreneur, I was an avid video game player and for years played World of Warcraft as a level 80 gnome rogue named Franzie."

Chase Strangio

June 7

JUSTICE WARRIOR: American Civil Liberties Union lawyer Chase Strangio is building a case for trans liberation.

FUN FACT: "I know every word to every song in 'The Little Mermaid' and often sing it to my kid to annoy her."

Hannah Hart

June 6

YOUTUBE STAR: Hart got her start making "My Drunk Kitchen" videos, but the content creator has since used TV, films and books to share her message.

TESTIMONIAL: Hannah Hart was nominated for NBC Out's #Pride30 list by GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis, who called Hart a “Jill-of-all-trades who is using her platform to promote LGBTQ acceptance and to support LGBTQ youth.”