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1813d ago / 8:29 PM UTC

Cambridge Analytica Linked to Russian Trolls?

1813d ago / 11:26 PM UTC

Final Status Update

1813d ago / 11:07 PM UTC

Zuckerberg notes photographed with bulleted talking points

1813d ago / 10:58 PM UTC

Did Facebook have the right incentives?

1813d ago / 10:37 PM UTC

'Your user agreement sucks' and other gems from Sen. Kennedy

1813d ago / 10:29 PM UTC

Sen. Harris drills down on why Facebook didn't tell users about Cambridge Analytica

1813d ago / 10:09 PM UTC

We're in our last break of the day

1813d ago / 10:05 PM UTC

Finally, someone asks if Facebook is spying on us through smartphone microphones

1813d ago / 10:00 PM UTC

Facebook does delete your data

1813d ago / 9:52 PM UTC

No perfect solution on election protection

1813d ago / 9:41 PM UTC

Why Zuckerberg has had a bit of an edge at times

1813d ago / 9:36 PM UTC

What about the News Feed algorithm?