Craig Melvin

Wofford College

MAJOR: Government

FUN FACT: Craig credits his experience at Wofford with solidifying his "bizarre fascination" with American politics and putting him on a path to his current role.

ADVICE FOR PARENTS: "Be patient. You've got to trust that you reared sons and daughters who are good human beings who are going to thrive, because you did a good job." 

Craig Melvin

May 18, 201703:07

Steve Kornacki

Boston University

MAJOR: Film and Television

FUN FACT: Kornacki's freshman floor was one of the few that had internet capabilities, prompting a wave of visitors. "I guess it made me more popular."  

ADVICE FOR PARENTS: "Don't worry too much. Even if your kid seems unsure what he or she wants to do and you know [they're] going off in some direction that makes no sense to you...they are going to feel a lot better about that direction if they are the ones that work through it." 

Steve Kornacki

June 9, 201702:50

Sheinelle Jones

Northwestern University 

MAJOR: Broadcast journalism

FUN FACT: Jones met her husband, Uche Ojeh, at Northwestern. "I was actually his tour guide!"

ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: "I remember going with my mom on the [Northwestern] campus and she said 'Sheinelle, the campus that's right for you should click.'"

Chuck Todd

George Washington University

MAJORS: Political science and music

FUN FACT: You know Todd as a politics guy, but he went to college on a music scholarship for the french horn.

ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: "Go visit all the schools and remember they need you more than you need them."

Andrea Mitchell

University of Pennsylvania

FUN FACT: Mitchell lived in the same dorm as actress and model Candice Bergen! 

ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: "Take chances intellectually. Take courses that you think you'd never want to take. Those are the reasons to explore and get excited by your college experience." 

Willie Geist

Vanderbilt University

MAJOR: Political Science

FUN FACT: Both Geist and his wife Christina attended Vanderbilt, but that isn't where they met. The pair first laid eyes on each other in middle school! 

ADVICE FOR PARENTS: "Don't treat the application process as the be all and end all." 

Willie Geist

Feb. 2, 201602:03

Stephanie Gosk

Georgetown University 

MAJOR: Economics

FUN FACT: Gosk matriculated at Vermont's Middlebury College, but quickly realized she wanted something the rural school just couldn't offer. "I really felt like I needed a different kind of experience, namely a school in a city."

ADVICE FOR PARENTS: "The name doesn't matter...what matters is coming away from the experience growing up, learning how to learn, learning how to write and learning how to communicate." 

Kate Snow

Cornell University

MAJOR: Communication

FUN FACT: "I signed up for the off-campus radio station, WVBR. There's a direct line between WVBR and me sitting here at NBC News."

ADVICE FOR PARENTS: "As much as you can,'ve got to let them experience things. You have to let your kids go at a certain point. This is usually that point."

Kate Snow

June 1, 201702:44

Dylan Dreyer

Rutgers University

MAJOR: Meteorology 

FUN FACT: "I actually was thinking about going to Rutgers for engineering."

ADVICE FOR PARENTS: "Let your kid explore, let them have fun, let them make mistakes. Let them figure things out on their own." 

Dylan Dreyer

May 12, 201702:30

Katy Tur

UC Santa Barbara

MAJOR: Philosophy

FUN FACT: Just like her mom, Katy started as an art studio major, then switched to pre-med, before eventually choosing philosophy. 

ADVICE FOR PARENTS: "Let them [your kids] run free a little during the summer so when they get to college they don't feel like they are cutting the umbilical cord."

Katy Tur

June 6, 201702:51