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2686d ago / 2:54 PM UTC

Elizabeth Warren Tells Trump to 'Put On Your Big-Boy Pants'

Sen. Elizabeth Warren launched a tweet-storm directed at Donald Trump, refuting the GOP nominee's claims of a "rigged" election. 

Warren said Trump is "losing fair & square. Put on your big-boy pants because this is what accountability looks like."

See more of Warren's tweets here.

2686d ago / 5:08 AM UTC

Trump Said ICE Endorsed Him Last Week. Nope

Trump said ICE endorsed him last week.

A union representing some ICE agents endorsed Trump last month; federal agencies cannot and do not endorse candidates for political office.

2686d ago / 5:01 AM UTC

Trump Said He’ll Get GDP Higher Than 4 Percent. Experts Doubt It

Trump said he’ll get GDP “higher than 4 percent. I think you can go to 5 percent or 6 percent.”

The nonpartisan, non-profit Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget has called such a growth estimate “unrealistic” and “likely unachievable.”

2686d ago / 4:50 AM UTC

Harry Reid: Trump Must 'Reverse Course' on Election Results

Sen. Harry Reid joined a chorus of Republicans and Democrats condemning Donald Trump over his refusal to unequivocally accept the results of the election. 

“Donald Trump’s refusal to accept the results of the upcoming election is horrifying," Reid said in a statement. "He must immediately reverse course and state that he will accept the results of our free and fair elections. The statement must come from Trump’s own lips. On an issue of this magnitude, statements from staff or surrogates will not suffice."

2686d ago / 3:32 AM UTC

Clinton Said Trump Encouraged Russia to Spy On Americans. Not So Fast

"The Russians have engaged in cyber attacks against the United States of America, that you encouraged espionage against our people." Clinton 10/19/2016

Trump suggested and encouraged Russia to "find" emails from when Clinton was secretary of state. He didn’t encourage Russia to spy on other Americans.

Here’s what he told reporters: "Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. … They probably have her 33,000 e-mails. I hope they do.”

2686d ago / 3:05 AM UTC

Trump Says Mosul Invasion Launched to Make Clinton 'Look Good'

Donald Trump on Wednesday said that the US-backed operation to drive ISIS from its stronghold in Mosul was somehow launched as a result of Hillary Clinton’s influence.

“She wanted to look good for the election, so we’re going in,” Trump said.

The long-expected military offensive against the northern Iraqi city began Monday, with an announcement by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

Around 30,000 troops, including Iraqi army soldiers, Kurdish forces, and a variety of armed groups are participating — the largest military operation in Iraq since U.S. troops left the country in 2011.The effort is supported by U.S. airstrikes, as well as U..S Army Apache helicopters. Around one hundred U.S. troops are serving as embedded advisers, and thousands more Americans are serving further behind the front lines.

However, there is no indication that Clinton, who stepped down as secretary of state three years ago — at the start of Barack Obama’s second term as president — had anything to do with the launch of the operation.

“I’m just amazed that he seems to think that the Iraqi government launched this invasion to help me in the election,” Clinton said.

2686d ago / 2:39 AM UTC

Trump Says It’s 'Wrong' to Say He Supported the Iraq Invasion

It's not wrong to say that, because he did support the war. 

2686d ago / 2:36 AM UTC

Neither Candidate Interested in Hypothetical Deal on Entitlement Reform

Neither candidate seemed to be open to accept a hypothetical deal that would increase taxes and cut benefits to save Medicare and Social Security.

“I’m going to cut taxes,” Trump said when posed with a hypothetical deal by Chris Wallace.

“I will not cut benefits,” Clinton said.

2686d ago / 2:31 AM UTC

Clinton: Trump's Critiques of Government Date Back to Reagan

Clinton whips out this argument: Trump has been criticizing the government for the same reasons -- since Ronald Reagan.

Clinton said that, "in the 1980s, he took out a $100,000 ad in the New York Times and basically said exactly what he just said" about America being a laughingstock around the world.

Trump responded that, yes, he was critical of Reagan on trade.

2686d ago / 2:30 AM UTC

Trump: The U.S. Has Become 'Very Sloppy,' I Will Create 'Tremendous Jobs'

Asked why the candidates are ignoring the problem of national debt, Trump said he is going to create "tremendous jobs" as president and build a "tremendous economic machine."

Trump said the U.S. has become "very sloppy" due to "political hacks" making bad deals.

"We have to use our great people ... people will go back to work and make a lot of money."

2686d ago / 2:26 AM UTC

Clinton: Syria No-Fly Zone Would Help End Conflict

Clinton defended her proposal to impose a no-fly zone in Syria, despite the risks it could pose.

“I think a no-fly zone could save lives and hasten the end of the conflict,” Clinton said “This would not be done just on the first day. This would take a lot of negotiation and making clear to the Russians and Syrians that our goal would be to provide safe zones for people on the ground.”

2686d ago / 2:24 AM UTC

Trump Says Wikileaks Included 'Some Beauties' Undercutting Clinton

Trump used the recently released Wikileaks hack to hit Clinton, saying some of her closest aides have questioned her instincts and judgement.

The Republican said the allegedly hacked documents included “some beauties” undercutting Clinton.

“John Podesta said you have terrible instincts,” he said, referencing her campaign chair. He also said the emails revealed Bernie Sanders said she has bad judgement.

Clinton responded by saying Sanders endorsed her and called Trump “the most dangerous person to run for president in modern history. I think he’s right.”