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2753d ago / 9:58 AM UTC

Eric Holder Thinks Americans Should 'Be Afraid' of Trump

Former Attorney General Eric Holder wrote a scathing take-down of Donald Trump's threat to prosecute and jail Hillary Clinton.

Holder, who served under Barack Obama between 2009 and 2015, pointed out that such a threat to use the position of president to jail a political opponent was unprecedented in the United States.

2753d ago / 9:34 AM UTC

'Trump Won' More Searched Than 'Clinton Won'

Who won Sunday night's debate? Depends on who you ask. But as far as Google search interest is concerned: "Trump won."

For what it's worth, search interest in "Trump won" was 95 percent higher than search interest in "Clinton won," according to Google's analysis of search trends Sunday night.

It should be noted, however, that just because more people were googling the words "Trump won" does not necessarily mean more people believe that Trump actually won.

More from Google's analysis, shared with NBC News:

·         Clinton and Trump are tied with 50 percent each in candidate search interest across Google
·         Search interest in “vote for Trump” was 30 percent higher than search interest in “vote for Clinton”
·         Search interest in “Clinton website” was 130 percent higher than search interest in “Trump website”
2753d ago / 8:50 AM UTC

Clinton Spokesman's Message to Trump: 'Go F*** Yourself'

A spokesman for Hillary Clinton reacted hotly to comments made by Donald Trump Sunday night as the second presidential debate shifted to Capt. Humayun S.M. Khan, an American soldier who was killed in Iraq in 2004.

Clinton brought up attacks her Republican rival has launched at Khan’s parents, who are Muslim, following their emotional remarks at the Democratic National Convention in July. Shortly after the Khans’ appearance at the DNC, Trump suggested Clinton’s team had scripted their speech and questioned whether Khan’s mother “wasn’t allowed to have anything to say.”

During the debate, Trump suggested that Khan "would be alive today," if he had been in the White House.

“Unlike her who voted for the war without knowing what she was doing, I would not have had our people in Iraq,” Trump said, reiterating a false claim that he never supported the Iraq war. Trump did, in fact, express support for the war before, and 48 hours after, the invasion, although he began questioning it within a week.

Trump's response caused Clinton’s foreign policy spokesman Jesse Lehrich to erupt on Twitter.

He wrote: "hey, @realDonaldTrump — regarding your claim that Captain Khan would be alive if you were president: Go f*** yourself."

Lehrich apologized a short time later "for the clearly inappropriate nature and language of this personal tweet."

2753d ago / 3:00 AM UTC

Top Topics of Tonight's Debate

These are the top 5 topics discussed on Facebook during tonight's debate: 

  1. ISIS 
  2. Trump tapes
  3. Taxes
  4. Government Taxes 
  5. Healthcare
2753d ago / 2:40 AM UTC

That's a Wrap on the 2nd Presidential Debate

The moderators wrapped the debate on a pleasant note, after the candidates both said what they respected in one another. 

Clinton and Trump shook hands at the end of the sign off; they did not shake hands at the start. 

The third and final presidential debate will be on Wednesday, October 19 at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

2753d ago / 2:30 AM UTC

Trump Wants Clinton to Put More of Her Own Money into the Campaign

Answering an audience member's question about the Supreme Court, Trump said "I am looking to appoint judges very much in the mold of Justice Scalia."

He added that he's released a list of 20 potential appointees, whom he says are "very beautifully reviewed by just about everybody."

Then, Trump pivoted to accusing Clinton of not putting enough of her own money into the campaign.

"Why aren't you putting some money in? You've made a lot of it because you're in office."

2753d ago / 2:26 AM UTC

Clinton, Trump Both Talk Over Moderators in Testy Exchange

Both Clinton and Trump talked over the moderators as Clinton tried to praise Barack Obama's record on the economy.

As moderator Martha Raddatz tried to cut Clinton off to move onto another question, Clinton continued her sentence, and Trump weighed in to say the United States has "the slowest growth."

Raised voices all around.

2753d ago / 2:18 AM UTC

Clinton Outlines Plan to Combat ISIS

Hillary Clinton reiterated her opposition to using U.S. ground troops in the fight against ISIS.

She did, however, advocate for the continued use of special forces to combat the terror group and arming Kurdish fighters on the front lines of the fight.

She said she is hopeful ISIS will be out of Iraq by the time she takes office. She would also target ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

2753d ago / 2:11 AM UTC

Trump: I Don't Like Assad, But Assad Is Killing ISIS

Trump said he doesn't like Syria President Bashar al-Assad, but he's killing ISIS. According to Trump, so is Russia and so is Iran.

"And those three have lined up because of our weak foreign policy," Trump said. 

Trump attempted to blame Clinton for Obama's "red line" on Syria, but she was not Secretary of State then.

2753d ago / 2:05 AM UTC

Trump Says Clinton Doesn't Know the Russians Hacked DNC

“She doesn’t know it’s the Russians doing the hacking,” Trump said of the computer hacks that have hit the Democratic National Committee and played a big role in the ongoing election.

U.S. intelligence say they have a "high confidence" it was.

2753d ago / 2:03 AM UTC

Trump: 'If You Were an Effective Senator You Would Have Done It'

After Trump tried again to hammer home that Clinton didn't effect change in her 30 years in public life, Clinton smiled and responded: "Well, here we go again."

Trump kept demanding: "Why didn't you do it?"

"Because I was a Democratic senator with a Republican president," Clinton shot back.

"If you were an effective senator you would have done it," said Trump.

After noting the president's veto power, Clinton launched into the highlights of per political career.

"400 pieces of legislation have my name on it," she said.

2753d ago / 2:02 AM UTC

Trump Again Says He Opposed Iraq Invasion. He Didn't

“I was against the war in Iraq; it hasn't been debunked,” Trump said, pushing back on Clinton’s claim that fact checkers have repeatedly found his assertion that he opposed the war in Iraq before the invasion to be false.

He wasn’t against the invasion.  It has been debunked.