The Female Voice of Ted Cruz

We hear them every day during election season. But we rarely hear from them. Tucked somewhere between the bevy of super PACs, media consultants and piles of money, behind the sound-proof glass of recording booths across the country, voiceover actors toil to make your blood boil. (Or, in the less likely chance that they get to record a positive ad: they vocalize to make you sympathize. Sorry that that rhyme was a bit of a stretch.)

Laurel Katz is one such actor; she has been a part of American politics for more than fifteen years, but you just didn't know it.

The Female Voice of Ted Cruz

March 10, 201604:46

The Felons Who Could Have Swung the Election

Approximately one in five of Florida's black residents won't be able to vote in this election because of the state's felon disenfranchisement law, passed in 2011 by Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

"There is no doubt in my mind that this law is a Jim Crow law," said Desmond Meade, who was released from prison 12 years ago. "It's like an eternal persecution."

In total, 1.7 million felons in Florida will be barred from casting a ballot, according to The Sentencing Project, a criminal justice reform organization.

And with the crucial battleground state's polls so close, those are enough votes to have swung the election.

What's Life Like as a Donald Trump Impersonator?

"There's never enough Donald Trump." That's what John Di Domenico, a celebrity impersonator, said as he prepared to don the hair, slide on the suit, and perform as the real estate mogul and presidential candidate at a corporate gala. The audience, mostly Mexican-American, was eager to welcome John's most popular character.

Meet the Kids Grilling Candidates on the Campaign Trail

Why doesn't Chris Christie support gay marriage? What are Hillary Clinton's plans for trade with China? Would Jeb Bush have done something differently had he known his polls would be so low?

These are all typical kid questions — that is, if the kids asking them are Anabelle and Gregory Watson, a sister and brother team from Concord, New Hampshire, who have been systematically grilling presidential candidates who dare cross into their home state.

Muslims for Trump? One Woman Wants to Get Out the GOP Muslim Vote

You might know Saba Ahmed as the woman who wore an American flag hijab on Fox News last November. You might not know, however, that she is a Republican — or that she spends much of her non-cable news time trying to convince other Muslims to support the GOP nominee.

Gone, Not Forgotten: The Sanders Revolution Lives On

Bernie Sanders lost. But his revolution is far from over.

Beyond the bickering and booing of the Democratic National Convention, beyond the Sanders supporters yelling 'Bernie or Bust!' while stubbornly plugging their ears, Brian Nowak kept listening.