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2007d ago / 7:23 PM UTC

It Took Police 72 Minutes From First 911 Call to Locate Shooter

2007d ago / 3:17 AM UTC

Death Toll Ticks Up to 59 as New Details Emerge

2007d ago / 10:36 PM UTC

Hours After the Massacre, Here's What We Know and What We Don't

2007d ago / 9:53 PM UTC

Two Nevada Gun Shops Say Paddock Passed Background Checks


2007d ago / 9:43 PM UTC

Free Counseling Line Established for Victims

2007d ago / 9:42 PM UTC

See How Shooter's Position Created a Sniper's Perch

2007d ago / 9:35 PM UTC

GoFundMe Campaign Raises More Than $1.1 Million

2007d ago / 9:20 PM UTC

He Kept Taking Pictures. Later, He 'Realized People Were Dying'

2007d ago / 8:41 PM UTC

Schumer, McConnell Respond to Shooting on Senate Floor

2007d ago / 8:13 PM UTC

Ariana Grande Calls Las Vegas Shooting 'Terrorism,' Urges Gun Control

2007d ago / 7:52 PM UTC

'Premature' to Talk Gun Control, White House Says