Ivory Aquino

G - Giving voice

"I'm proud of where I've come from and all I've gleaned from my culture and heritage, all of which continues to enrich my life to this day."

Seng Luangrath

Z - Zesty

"Introducing new people to my cuisine [is] a challenge I always look forward to."

Ocean Vuong

Y - Yearning

"Kindness and compassion are not a sacrifice — but a nourishment for art."

Nathan Chen

K - Kinetic

"Never give up."

Chloe Kim

X - Xtreme

"Always remember to have fun."

Mai Der Vang

W - Writing history

"When I feel the spark of an idea, or when I read or hear about injustices in the community, country, and world, I feel the challenge set upon me to write."

Justin Chon

V - Versatile

"I love to watch films constantly. Sitting in a room with strangers while we all laugh and cry watching people make believe is exciting for me."

Fatimah Asghar

U - Unapologetic

"Do your work."

Pradeepa Jeeva

O - On the move

"I am constantly reading and actively look for opportunities that will challenge my assumptions about our society and the world around me."

Auli'i Cravalho

S - Showstopping

"In all that I do, I carry my culture and heritage with me."

Jon Jon Briones

T - Tireless

"Aspire to do what you love, then do it constantly and consistently."

Rajuju Brown

J - Jazzy

"The history of Asian Americans belongs to all of us and celebrating our heritage helps us celebrate those great things and people in our community."