Kavanaugh sidesteps Feinstein question on whether he wants an FBI investigation

Kavanaugh sidestepped a question from Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., about each of his accusers calling for an investigation as each of his accusers has done. 

"If you're very confident of your position, why aren't you also asking the FBI to investigate these claims?" she asked. 

"Senator, I'll do whatever the committee wants, I wanted a hearing the day after the allegation came up, I wanted to be here that day. Instead, 10 days passed where all this nonsense is coming out," Kavanaugh said. 

Feinstein tried to get him to answer the question about whether he wanted an FBI investigation, but Kavanaugh didn't answer directly.  

Feinstein: "When we get an allegation we're not here to prove it or disprove it, therefore we have to depend on an outside body to do it. It just seemed to me then when these allegations forward that you would want the FBI to investigate those claims and clear it up once and for all."

Kavanaugh: "It's not for me to say how to do it, but just so you know the FBI doesn't reach a conclusion."