McConnell reacts to vote, suggests trial won't end tonight

McConnell in a statement released shortly after the vote celebrating its outcome. The statement also noted that the Senate and both legal teams would now "determine next steps as we prepare to conclude the trial in the coming days," suggesting the final vote on whether to convict or acquit Trump may not come tonight.

His statement:

A majority of the U.S. Senate has determined that the numerous witnesses and 28,000-plus pages of documents already in evidence are sufficient to judge the House Managers’ accusations and end this impeachment trial. There is no need for the Senate to re-open the investigation which the House Democratic majority chose to conclude and which the Managers themselves continue to describe as “overwhelming” and “beyond any doubt.”

Never in Senate history has this body paused an impeachment trial to pursue additional witnesses with unresolved questions of executive privilege that would require protracted litigation. We have no interest in establishing such a new precedent, particularly for individuals whom the House expressly chose not to pursue. Senators will now confer among ourselves, with the House Managers, and with the President’s counsel to determine next steps as we prepare to conclude the trial in the coming days.