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2718d ago / 6:11 AM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll: Majorities of Non-White Voters Express Profound Concerns about a Trump Presidency

If Donald Trump is elected president, he will encounter a divided nation where many Americans are deeply troubled about what his presidency will mean. According to the NBC News Exit Poll, two-thirds or more of Asian, black and Hispanic voters have profound reservations about Trump as the next U.S. President. Indeed, more than two-thirds of blacks and 45 percent of Hispanics admit being “scared” about Trump winning the election. 

The feelings of white voters about Trump being elected are more split. Though only 15 percent are “excited” about Trump being elected, an additional third are optimistic. The other half of white voters is expressing alarm, including three in 10 indicating saying they are “scared” about a Trump presidency.

2719d ago / 3:35 PM UTC

Meet the NBC News Exit Poll Desk Team

Throughout Election Night, a team of survey research analysts will be crunching the numbers on who voted, what issues were on their minds and why they voted the way they did.

The team includes Stephanie Psyllos, manager of exit polling, NBC News; Scott Keeter, senior survey advisor at Pew Research Center; Courtney Kennedy, director of survey research at Pew Research Center; Cary Funk, associate director of research at Pew Research Center; Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute; Maureen Michaels, president of Michaels Opinion Research Inc.; Mara Ostfeld, postdoctoral fellow, Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan; Patrick Egan, associate professor of politics and public policy at New York University; Hannah Hartig, assistant director, University of Pennsylvania's Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies; Jennifer Su, senior project director, Princeton Survey Research Associates International; and Andrew Arenge, assistant producer, NBC News. The NBC News Exit Poll Desk works closely with digital editors David Taintor and Elizabeth Johnstone to curate the stories we produce.