Poll Finds Nation Split on Providing Services to LGBTQ Community

As Indiana's governor, Mike Pence signed legislation that allowed businesses to decline services based on their beliefs. On the eve of his debut at the vice presidential debate, a new poll by Pew shows the nation is split on the issue, and nearly half of surveyed do not share the governor's beliefs. 

The poll found a wide partisan divide over same-sex wedding services and public restroom use by transgender people. Forty-eight percent of responders say businesses should be able to refuse wedding services, while 49 percent say they should be required to provide them. 

The divide increased along partisan lines with 67 percent of Democrats saying wedding services should be required compared to 71 percent of Republicans who said owners should be able to refuse. Similarly 68 percent of Democrats said transgender people should be allowed to use the public restroom of that matches their gender identity and 67 percent of republicans said they must use restroom of their gender at birth. 

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Instant Reaction: Interruptions Ruled at VP Debate

Pence Overstates Trump Remarks on Mexican Immigrants

"He also said and ‘and many of them are good people,’ you keep leaving that out of your quote," Pence fired back when confronted repeatedly about Trump's remark in his campaign announcement that some Mexican immigrants were "rapists" and criminals.

Trump never said “many of them are good people,” he said “some, I assume, are good people.”

The Top 3 Tweeted Moments

The Twitterverse has spoken and the top three moments of the vice presidential debate are...

Well, That Didn't Take Long...

The Clinton campaign made short work of Mike Pence's annoyed dismissal of "that Mexican thing" when trying to deflect Kaine's attacks on Trump's immigration.

The web address redirects to a donation page for Hillary Clinton.

Pence Wildly Understates Clinton Foundation Charitable Work

In discussing the work of the Clinton Foundation, Mike Pence said “less than 10 cents on the dollar has gone to charitable causes, it has been a platform for the Clintons to travel the world, to have staff."

Pence is absolutely wrong here:  80-90 percent of Clinton Foundation funding goes to program services, which our friends at PolitiFact found is the best measure of charitable work while checking a similar claim two months ago. It is true that less than 10 percent of their funds go to third-party charities, because most of its money goes directly to their projects. 

Top Policy Issues Post Debate

Before the debate, most Facebook users were identifying taxes, healthcare, government, Islam and Muslims, and the economy as their top policy issues. An hour and a half later, the priorities quickly shifted. 

Tim Kaine Winning the Search War

As the vice presidential debate wrapped tonight, Senator Tim Kaine edged his fellow candidates as the most searched running mate in the past hour.

Phew. And That's the End!

And that's the end!

After a contentious hour-and-a-half that included debate about policing, taxes, Russia, Syria, immigration, both the Clinton and the Trump Foundations, cyber warfare and abortion, it's over.

Stay tuned for lots more analysis and fact-checking.

Pence's Plan to Achieve Unity: Change

Pence said Trump can bring together the country, saying, "The best way we can bring people together is through change in Washington, D.C."

It was a continuation of his theme that Clinton is more of the same and Trump represents change. 

Kaine to Pence: 'Why Doesn't Trump Trust Women?'

Pence stopped short of defending Trump's comment that women who get abortions should be published, saying that Trump is "not a polished politician" like Clinton.

Why doesn't Trump trust women? Kaine probed further.

On the "fundamental issues of morality," Kaine said, "We should let women make their own decisions."

Pence said: "I couldn't be more proud to be standing with a pro-life candidate."