What to expect from impeachment tomorrow

The defense team will hold its final day of arguments on Tuesday.

So what are specifics on what the defense team will do? Wouldn't be surprised to see extended wrap-up arguments from Pat Cipollone and Jay Sekulow. (Note that by now, we’ve seen every attorney from the president’s legal team present at least once - Bondi, Cipollone, Dershowitz, Herschmann, Raskin, Ray, Sekulow, Starr.) 

Sekulow has repeatedly pledged to be “efficient” in the team’s presentations.

We’ve been told it is possible that the next phase of the trial, the Q+A session, could start Tuesday as well. But we’ve also been told that they expect the Q+A session to be pushed to Wednesday. It will largely depend on how long the WH defense team goes, and the will of senators to start up the next phase of the trial.

As we’ve already reported, Senate Democrats were asked to submit their questions to Schumer’s office by midnight last Friday.

Once the Q+A period begins, the questions must be written and are delivered through Chief Justice Roberts who will read the names of the senator or senators offering the question, the specific trial team to which the question is directed, and then the question itself.