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1647d ago / 2:25 PM UTC

Second GOP governor opposes planned Senate vote

1646d ago / 11:47 PM UTC

Good night. Thanks for sticking with us.

1646d ago / 11:20 PM UTC

Analysis: Ford, Kavanaugh, and the difference in tone

1646d ago / 11:10 PM UTC

Mitchell declines to answer questions about the hearing

1646d ago / 10:50 PM UTC

Trump tweets. He liked Kavanaugh's combative performance.

1646d ago / 10:46 PM UTC

Hearing adjourned

1646d ago / 10:44 PM UTC

Watch key moments from the Ford-Kavanaugh hearing

1646d ago / 10:44 PM UTC

Kavanaugh: I didn't watch Ford testimony

1646d ago / 10:34 PM UTC

Booker to Kavanaugh: Do you wish Ford never came forward?

1646d ago / 10:29 PM UTC

No sign of Mitchell. Republicans use their time to attack Democrats, defend Kavanaugh.

1646d ago / 10:18 PM UTC

All GOP senators to meet tonight to discuss way forward

1646d ago / 9:57 PM UTC

Trump pleased by Kavanaugh's testimony