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2757d ago / 2:15 AM UTC

Trump Defends Repeatedly Bringing Up Obama Birther Claims

Asked why after President Obama's birth certificate was produced in 2011 did Donald Trump continue to question its legitimacy year after year, Trump did not produce a clear answer, instead repeating that his theory did a great service for the country, as well as for the president.

"When I got involved, I didn't fail," Trump said. "I got him to get the birth certificate."

Trump claimed that Clinton's campaign attempted to do the same, but "failed."

"Nobody was pressing it, nobody was caring much about it, but I was the one that got him to produce the birth certificate and I think I did a good job," he said. 

Clinton, responding to Trump, probed the audience: "Just listen to what you heard."

Clinton called the birther movement "racist," bringing up a discrimination lawsuit he was involved in. 

Trump shot back at Clinton, saying that she treated Obama with "terrible disrespect" during their debates. "You were after him ... when you try to act holier than thou it really doesn't work."

As far as the lawsuit, Trump responded that a lot of people were sued and that he "settled the suit with zero admission of guilt." 

2756d ago / 12:09 PM UTC

Trump Reacts to #SniffleGate: There Were no Sniffles

Donald Trump the morning after the first presidential debate denied he was sniffling, suggesting it could have been his breathing that people heard.

"No, no sniffles. No," Trump said on Monday's "Fox and Friends."

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Trump appeared to be sniffling so much during the debate that a Twitter handle was made. 

"You know the mic was very bad. But maybe it was good enough to hear breathing. But there was no sniffles," he said," he added on the show. 

And when asked, he said, no, it wasn't a cold, either.

2757d ago / 3:16 AM UTC

2016 Debate: Trump Says He Didn't Mention Bill Clinton Because Chelsea in the Room

Donald Trump told reporters following the debate that he held back from mentioning former President Bill Clinton’s private indiscretions because Chelsea Clinton was in the room.  

“I'm very glad that I didn't mention, because Chelsea was in the room, indiscretions by, I didn't think would be appropriate to do even though she's taken all these ads. I thought we did very well,” Trump said.

During the debate he alluded to saying something that he said he ultimately found “inappropriate.”

2757d ago / 2:48 AM UTC

That's A Wrap

The first presidential debate at Hofstra University is now in the books. The next presidential debate will take place October 9 at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. But before that, the vice presidential candidates will square off at Longwood University, in Farmville, Virginia, on October 4.  

2757d ago / 2:41 AM UTC

The Final Question: Will You Accept the Will of the Voters?

Lester Holt in the final question of the night asked both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton if they will accept the will of the voters on Election Day. 

Clinton: "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but I certainly will support the outcome of this election."

Trump: "I want to make America great again. We are a nation that is seriously troubled ... If she wins, I will absolutely support it."

2757d ago / 2:24 AM UTC

Trump: My Strongest Asset, Maybe By Far, Is My Temperament

Donald Trump said he has better judgement than Hillary Clinton — and better temperament.

"I think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament," Trump said. "I have a winning temperament, she doesn't win."

Clinton's reacted with a loud sigh. "OKAY."

2757d ago / 1:54 AM UTC

Trump Advocates Stop-And-Frisk

Donald Trump said minorities in the country’s inner cities are “living in hell” and advocated for stop-and-frisk while answering a question about how to address tensions between police and communities.

“You have to have stop-and-frisk,” Trump said.

When moderator Lester Holt reminded Trump that a New York City judge ruled the controversial program unconstitutional, Trump said, “No you’re wrong.” He then said the ruling came from “a very against police judge.”

Clinton said it was found unconstitutional, in part “because it was ineffective.”

“Everyone should be respected by the law and everyone should respect the law,” Clinton said.

The Democratic nominee said part of the solution involves addressing the epidemic of gun violence, which “is the lead cause of death for young African-Americans.”


2757d ago / 1:35 AM UTC

Trump Calls Federal Reserve Political

When talking about the economy, Trump blamed the Federal Reserve of being political, making decisions about interest rates based on political popular opinion. 

"The Fed is not doing their job," Trump said. "The Fed is being more political than Secretary Clinton."

Check out NBC's Benjy Sarlin story on one other time Trump accused the Fed of making political decisions. 

2757d ago / 1:23 AM UTC

Trump's Plan to Bring Jobs Back

Donald Trump's plan to bring back jobs that have been shipped overseas: Don't let them leave in the U.S. in the first place. 

"Don't let the jobs leave," Trump said, in response to the question without offering proposals on how he would bring them back. 

He also said NAFTA was the biggest mistake and blamed President Bill Clinton for it. He called for the renegotiating trade deals. 

The discussion over trade and jobs was extensive and lasted several minutes between Clinton and Trump.  

Clinton said she supports "fair trade."

2757d ago / 7:38 PM UTC

Pence Says Clinton Will Outline Path to 'Weaken' America

MILFORD, N.H. -- Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence said Hillary Clinton will outline a path that has “weakened” America while previewing the first presidential debate on Monday.

The Indiana governor said Clinton will “keep America on a path that has weakened America’s place in the world, stifled America’s economy, walked away from our most cherished constitutional principles and our highest standards in public life.”

He set up – seemingly confident – the debate stage for the swing state voters here.

“When those two candidates take the stage for the first time in the same place, no more media filters, no more parsing of words,” Pence told the 200 gathered inside the union square. “The American people are going to be able to hear from two candidates, and they're going to hear about two futures for this country.”

Pence, who earlier on Hugh Hewitt’s radio program made the case that Clinton is “untrustworthy,” contrasted the Democrat to Trump, who, he said, “literally embodies this spirit of America: strong, freedom-loving, independent, optimistic, and willing to fight for what he believes in.”

The Indiana governor touted new polling, which, he asserted, shows the campaign “tied nationally.”

A new Bloomberg Politics poll shows the duo tied at 46 percent in a national poll, but Monmouth University poll – also released on Monday – shows Clinton with a four-percentage point edge.

“The race is close here in New Hampshire. Some polls out today say it's tied nationally,” Pence said. “We have tremendous momentum, more and more people everyday, despite the overwhelming bias in the national media, more and more people everyday are joining this movement to make America great again.”

2757d ago / 7:22 PM UTC

Jill Stein to Try and Get on Hofstra Debate Stage

Green Party presidential candidate said that she's going to try to "peacefully" appear on the debate stage tonight as she did not making the polling threshold of 15 percent, set by the independent Commission on Presidential Debates, to participate. 

Stein told MSNBC's Hallie Jackson that she wants to "open up the debate so that we actually have a fair and inclusive debate." 

The latest polling shows Stein at two percent, nationally. 

"Seventy-two percent (of Americans) say they want to hear all four candidates who are on the ballot," Stein said.

We are "on enough voters' ballots that we can actually win the election. They have a right not only to vote, but to know who we can vote for," Stein said, referring to the Green Party's placement on 45 state ballots, making it mathematically feasible to win enough electoral votes to win the presidency.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, who is poling around eight percent nationally, will also not be on the debate stage. He will be in New York City watching the debate and live tweeting from Twitter's offices in Chelsea.

Independent candidate Evan McMullin is on Long Island at Hofstra. He will be live Tweeting and hosting Facebook Live conversations.

2757d ago / 5:54 PM UTC

Kaine on Debates: Trump, 'You Can Run, But You Can't Hide'

Ahead of tonight's historic debate, Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine issued a warning to Donald Trump: "you can run, but you can't hide." 

Speaking at a campaign event in Florida Monday, Kaine told the audience he's confident Hillary Clinton will do well in the debate and that she'll lay out her positive vision for the country. But he stressed that debates are a chance to discuss policies and plans and he challenged Trump to produce details about his vision for the country.

"Well you got 90 minutes, and there’s just a moderator and two of you on stage, you can run but you can’t hide," Kaine said. Kaine said he will be watching the debate "on the edge of his seat," taking notes and preparing for the vice presidential debate on Oct. 4.