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2364d ago / 2:11 AM UTC

Trump: I Don't Like Assad, But Assad Is Killing ISIS

2363d ago / 9:58 AM UTC

Eric Holder Thinks Americans Should 'Be Afraid' of Trump

2363d ago / 9:39 AM UTC

Afghanistan Is Ignored by Trump and Clinton During Debate

2363d ago / 9:34 AM UTC

'Trump Won' More Searched Than 'Clinton Won'

2363d ago / 8:50 AM UTC

Clinton Spokesman's Message to Trump: 'Go F*** Yourself'

2364d ago / 3:47 AM UTC

Clinton's In a Great Mood Post-Debate

2364d ago / 3:06 AM UTC

Kellyanne Conway: "I Am With Him Until the Bitter End, Unless..."

2364d ago / 3:00 AM UTC

Top Topics of Tonight's Debate

2364d ago / 2:52 AM UTC

Tonight's #Debate Broke Records

2364d ago / 2:49 AM UTC

Pence Tweets: 'Big Debate Win!'

2364d ago / 2:40 AM UTC

That's a Wrap on the 2nd Presidential Debate

2364d ago / 2:37 AM UTC

Final Question: What Do You Respect About Each Other?