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2355d ago / 1:47 AM UTC

Trump: I Will Renegotiate NAFTA, Or Terminate It

2354d ago / 4:51 PM UTC

Trump Promises to Accept Election Results 'If I Win'

2354d ago / 3:07 PM UTC

Trump Claims Clinton 'Secretly Used' 2016 Debate Questions

2354d ago / 1:42 PM UTC

Airplane Passengers Tune Into the Debate Above the Clouds

2354d ago / 11:59 AM UTC

TV Academy Tells Trump: 'Emmys Are Not Rigged'

2355d ago / 5:08 AM UTC

Trump Said ICE Endorsed Him Last Week. Nope

2355d ago / 5:01 AM UTC

Trump Said He’ll Get GDP Higher Than 4 Percent. Experts Doubt It

2355d ago / 4:50 AM UTC

Harry Reid: Trump Must 'Reverse Course' on Election Results

2355d ago / 4:26 AM UTC

What People Are Looking Up on Merriam-Webster

2355d ago / 3:32 AM UTC

Clinton Said Trump Encouraged Russia to Spy On Americans. Not So Fast

2355d ago / 3:21 AM UTC

Trump Says He Didn’t Say Accuser’s Looks Undermined Her Claim. He Did

2355d ago / 3:05 AM UTC

Trump Says Mosul Invasion Launched to Make Clinton 'Look Good'