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2551d ago / 2:59 AM UTC

Trump Says He'll 'Absolutely' Accept Election Results

Moments after leaving the debate stage, Donald Trump reiterated to NBC News’ Hallie Jackson that he would “absolutely” accept the results of the election.

The GOP nominee, who has questioned whether the election could be rigged against him, pledged during the debate and in the spin room he would accept the results.

He also told NBC News he was proud of his answer about President Obama’s birth certificate.  

“I was very proud of the fact that I was able to get him to produce his,” Trump said. He alleged Clinton had tried but failed.

“She can’t bring it home,” Trump said.

2551d ago / 6:38 PM UTC

Recapping the Debate: The Best Zingers From Trump and Clinton

2551d ago / 12:09 PM UTC

Trump Reacts to #SniffleGate: There Were no Sniffles

Donald Trump the morning after the first presidential debate denied he was sniffling, suggesting it could have been his breathing that people heard.

"No, no sniffles. No," Trump said on Monday's "Fox and Friends."

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Trump appeared to be sniffling so much during the debate that a Twitter handle was made. 

"You know the mic was very bad. But maybe it was good enough to hear breathing. But there was no sniffles," he said," he added on the show. 

And when asked, he said, no, it wasn't a cold, either.

2551d ago / 11:52 AM UTC

Kaine: Clinton 'Looked Like She Was Ready for Another 11 Hours'

Hillary Clinton's running mate slammed Donald Trump on Tuesday for looking "like he had run out of gas" during the first presidential debate and said the GOP candidate failed to offer specifics for how he would lead the country.

Clinton's best moment, Sen. Tim Kaine told TODAY, was when Trump challenged her on her stamina. Kaine praised the Democratic candidate for her response, which included mentioning the 120 countries she traveled to as secretary of state and the 11-hour hearing on the Benghazi attack that she sat through.

"In the split screen I was watching at that moment, she looked like she was ready for another 11 hours, and he looked like he had run out of gas and was leaning against the ropes. That showed kind of a temperament and a preparedness issue that I think really worked to Hillary's advantage," Kaine said.

Trump, Kaine added, was "easily rattled" and never answered certain questions, such as ones about his tax returns.

2551d ago / 3:16 AM UTC

2016 Debate: Trump Says He Didn't Mention Bill Clinton Because Chelsea in the Room

Donald Trump told reporters following the debate that he held back from mentioning former President Bill Clinton’s private indiscretions because Chelsea Clinton was in the room.  

“I'm very glad that I didn't mention, because Chelsea was in the room, indiscretions by, I didn't think would be appropriate to do even though she's taken all these ads. I thought we did very well,” Trump said.

During the debate he alluded to saying something that he said he ultimately found “inappropriate.”

2551d ago / 2:48 AM UTC

That's A Wrap

The first presidential debate at Hofstra University is now in the books. The next presidential debate will take place October 9 at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. But before that, the vice presidential candidates will square off at Longwood University, in Farmville, Virginia, on October 4.  

2551d ago / 2:42 AM UTC

Trump Says He 'Doesn't Deserve' Negative Ads

Donald Trump says he doesn’t deserves the onslaught of negative ads Hillary Clinton and her allies have aimed at the presidential candidate.

“It’s not nice, and I don't deserve that,” Trump said. The answer came after Trump said he refrained from saying something very “inappropriate” about Clinton and her family.

Clinton hit Trump for how he talked about Alicia Machado, a former Miss Universe competitor who said she suffered verbal abuse from Trump for her weight.

2551d ago / 2:41 AM UTC

The Final Question: Will You Accept the Will of the Voters?

Lester Holt in the final question of the night asked both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton if they will accept the will of the voters on Election Day. 

Clinton: "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but I certainly will support the outcome of this election."

Trump: "I want to make America great again. We are a nation that is seriously troubled ... If she wins, I will absolutely support it."

2551d ago / 2:41 AM UTC

PolitiFact: Trump Supported Iraq War Before Invasion

2551d ago / 2:39 AM UTC

Hillary doesn't have the Stamina!

Trump was asked what Trump meant when he said Clinton doesn't have the "look" to be president, Trump said he meant she doesn't have the "stamina." 

He repeated "stamina" times, emphasizing each syllable. 

"She doesn’t have the stamina. I said she doesn’t have the stamina," Trump said. 

Clinton said she'd like to see Trump travel to 112 countries, negotiate peace deals, "or even spend 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee, he can talk to me about stamina."

She also insinuated racism was at bay. "This is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs," she added.

2551d ago / 2:37 AM UTC

Clinton: Trump's Only Secret Is 'He Has No Plan'

Hillary Clinton attempted to reassure allies about mutual defense treaties, saying "words matter when you run for president and they really matter when you are president," adding that "we will honor" those treaties. 

"It is essential that America's word be good," she said, acknowledging the worries and questioning her campaign has faced. 

Clinton criticized Trump for not having an alternative when he blasts "successful" plans, referring to the Iran deal. 

"Donald never tells you what he would do," Clinton said. "It's like his plan to defeat ISIS — that it's a secret ... his only secret is that he has no plan."