10-Year-Old Boys Find Missing Florida Woman

Two Boys, 10, Find Missing Elderly Woman 1:06

Thanks to two 10-year-old boys, a woman who had been missing nearly 24 hours is back safe with her family.

A major search had been underway for Romona Daugs, 55, who vanished after leaving her Willoughby Acres, Florida home for a walk Monday afternoon.

She never returned, which prompted more than 100 people to comb the surrounding areas Tuesday morning.

That afternoon, just a short distance from the search command center, Matthew Thompson and Dawson Blume were outside playing when they spotted a woman in the woods nearby.


“We were over there on the other side of the yard, and then we came over and then we went inside and told his mom,” Matthew told NBC affiliate WBBH's Sophie Nielsen-Kolding.

The two quick-thinking boys immediately alerted Blume's mother, who realized the woman may have been the one searchers were looking for.

“My mom was standing right there and she’s like, ‘Come here, is your name Romona?'” Dawson Blume said. “She was shaking. She was cold, scratched up and bleeding.”

Family members say Daugs has dementia and gets confused easily. She was sent to the hospital as a precaution but police say she is expected to be alright.

Officials involved with the search said the two boys will be getting an award for their good work.