14 Reasons Why Josh & Keith Make the BEST Valentines EVER

1. They're good listeners.

2. They're in touch with their softer side.

3. They think you look totally adorbs in your cover-up.

4. They look great in your living room.

5. If you are too tired, they'll walk the dog for you.

6. They'll visit you, no matter where you are.

7. They think this is totally normal....

8. They think this is totally normal too....

9. They appeal to every demographic.

10. They love you, no matter how delusional you are...

11. They will NEVER accuse

12. They know you only need one shade of grey...

13. They've been guilty of loving you for more than 20 years.

14. They want to put a ring on it...

Well, a ringtone.

Josh and keith made you a present: Downloadable ringtones for your phone!

To download yours, go HERE:

We’ve also made you a handy how-to guide if you need. For that, go here: how_to_download_dateline_ringtones_for_iphone_and_android_.pdf