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This season marks 25 years of Dateline NBC on the air! Below are the answers to our quiz 'How Well Do You Know Dateline?'

If you haven't taken the quiz yet... don't cheat! Go take it here first.

Now for the answers...

1. On what night of the week did Dateline air in its first season?


2. Which was the first Dateline logo?

The first Dateline NBC logoDateline NBC

3. When did Dateline start airing on multiple nights of the week?


4. Which correspondent joined Dateline first?

Dennis Murphy

5. How many times has Bill Hader impersonated Keith on SNL?


6. Which celebrity has Dateline interviewed the most over the years?

Michael J. Fox

7. Who was the first Dateline viewer to live tweet the show with Josh Mankiewicz at her house?


8. How many pocket squares does Josh claim he has worn on Dateline?


9. Which Dateline correspondent appeared on an episode of “Seinfeld”?

Keith Morrison

10, How many pairs of Converse® does Keith own?


11. Which Dateline correspondent appeared in the movie “The Fugitive”?

Lester Holt

12. How many Emmy Awards® has Dateline won?


13. Who was the correspondent on the highest rated Dateline episode of all time?

Dennis Murphy

14. How many views has Andrea Canning’s "How to Escape Duct Tape" video had on the Dateline Facebook page?

18 million

15. How many original Dateline episodes have aired?


16. What is the longest running primetime program in NBC history?