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Arkansas mother of three Brooke Allensworth still missing after car found abandoned under bridge

Brooke Allensworth, 37, was last seen on July 12, 2018 in Independence County, Arkansas. The Arkansas State Police is investigating her disappearance.

One year after Brooke Allensworth’s disappearance, authorities are still searching for the missing mother of three.

Brooke Allensworth
Brooke AllensworthFacebook

Brooke, 37 at the time, was last seen on July 12, 2018, just one day after getting her hair and nails done at a salon in Independence County, Arkansas. According to NBC affiliate KARK, Brooke’s father reported her missing on July 26 to the Searcy County Police Department, as Brooke lived in Searcy County at the time. Searcy Police did not reply to Dateline request for comment.

No one reported any signs of the missing mother. Then, on July 27, police in Independence County got a call.

“Someone called in about a vehicle sitting under a bridge,” Independence County Sheriff Shawn Stephens told Dateline. Sheriff Stephens said officers went out to the vehicle and ran the license plate. It was registered in Searcy County. After calling Searcy authorities, police learned the car belonged to Brooke.

“It was like it was just parked there and walked away from,” Sheriff Stephens said. “The keys were not in the car. And we have no information on who put it there.”

Sheriff Stephens added that some of Brooke’s personal belongings were found inside the car. There was no sign of a struggle.

Brooke Allensworth
Brooke AllensworthFacebook

“We impounded the car and put a search warrant on it to get the information out of it,” he said. “We searched the area. We spent a day and half in the river looking for Brooke. We didn’t find anything.”

A Facebook post by the Independence County Sheriff’s Office said police spoke with “several individuals” who had contact with Brooke in the days preceding her disappearance. Though no information led them to Brooke’s whereabouts, tips started coming in from multiple counties and the case was transferred to the Arkansas State Police Department.

The Arkansas State Police Department declined to comment on Brooke’s disappearance, citing the ongoing criminal investigation.

"Brooke, we need you to come home" her sister Kelly Avants told KARK. "I know that in my heart she would not hurt herself. And she has never gone this long without having contact."

Brooke Allensworth is described as being 5’8” and weighing 180 lbs. If you have any information on the circumstances surrounding her disappearance, please call the Arkansas State Police at 501-618-8000.