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At the Desk of: Jay Young, Dateline Producer

Dateline sat down at the desk of Jay Young, Dateline Producer, to get to know more about this week's episode.

Jay Young is the producer of this Friday's episode with Andrea Canning, Silent Witness. We caught up with him at his desk to get the inside scoop on the episode. (Jay's responses have been edited for length and clarity.)

Dateline: How did you come across the case in this Friday’s report?

Jay Young, Dateline Producer: I was looking through articles for cases like this, and this one popped up. It seemed like an unusual case, and It was worthy of looking into. So we did.

Dateline: Without giving anything away, tell us a bit about the story.

Jay: It’s about a beautiful young woman, who was heading out one night to have some fun in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It was supposed to be a great night out with some friends and her boyfriend, but it just didn’t turn out that way.

Dateline: What is the one clue we should be on the lookout for?

Jay: Think about the kinds of things you might be wearing when going out and working out.

Dateline: What’s one thing we should keep in mind when we’re watching this Friday’s Dateline?

Jay: What you should keep in mind is keep an open mind.

Dateline: What’s the best thing about working on a story with Andrea Canning?

Jay: Her sense of humor. She keeps me laughing.