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At the Desk of: Mario Garcia, Dateline Producer

We sat down at the desk of Dateline producer Mario Garcia to learn more about him.

Mario Garcia is the producer of this Sunday's Dateline report with Kate Snow, The Trap. We caught up with him at his desk in New York to hear more about the story. Read our conversation with Mario, below, and learn more about him in the video, above. (Mario's responses have been edited for length and clarity.)

Dateline: Hey, Mario, we know you’re producing this Sunday’s Dateline. We have a few questions. How did you come across the case in this report?

Mario Garcia, Dateline Producer: We have had a relationship with Amanda for about 10 years now. Kate and I first met her about a year after her initial release from captivity. We have stayed in touch over the years and, as developments have warranted, we have continued to follow her story.

Dateline: Without giving anything away, tell us a bit about the story.

Mario: Amanda Lindhout was abducted in 2008 and held for 460 days in Somalia. Fast forward several years after her negotiated release and, unbelievably, one of her captors reached out to her and her mother. And that lead to an international manhunt and an amazing undercover operation to try and obtain justice for Amanda.

Dateline: What was the most unusual location you filmed at for this episode?

Mario: Not sure if it’s unusual, but we did travel to the small, exotic island nation of Mauritius, as that country played a key role in the undercover operation.

Dateline: What is the one thing we should be on the lookout for?

Mario: I would say pay attention to how the “book deal” plays out.

Dateline: What’s the best thing about working on a story with Kate Snow?

Mario: The best thing about working on a story with Kate, and I have had the good fortune to travel the world with her covering stories, is that Kate is a dogged reporter and participates fully in every aspect of the story and is a true partner.